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Paper texture with subtle wrinkles and a slight cream color
Accordion fold print pamphlet that is slightly stretched open with the last two pages fully visible. Visible pages display text about Rhythm on the left and Texture on the right. In the center of both pages is a series of graphics that describe pattern, form, placement, and layers as visual representations of sound.

Page layout, illustration & motion graphics

Visual Music is a system for exploring sound in a visual form. The project was developed as my design thesis at Portland State University and was created with the purpose of being a guide that can be used and adapted by anyone looking to describe music or sound visually. 

Typeface Design

This display typeface was designed in my type design class while I was a student at Portland Sate University. The forms are based on a page in an old Delittle wood block specimen book.

InternalSpreadcharacterset copy.jpg

Identity Design

Tabletop Tortoise is an identity designed for a local Vancouver board game cafe. 

Book Design

Page Layout & Binding

Volume 2 of PSU’s second annual Art History Journal written, edited and designed by Portland Sate University students. 

Cover copy.jpg
LUHO App Intro Image.png

UX/UI App Design

Load Up & Head Out (LUHO) is an app that is designed to make packing easier for hikers, campers, and backpackers. 

Visual Music Project
Tabletop Tortoise

 Vancouver, WA

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