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Visual Music

Page Layout, Illustration & Motion Graphics

  • Research Prospectus

  • Art Direction 

  • Project Management 

  • Illustration 

  • Page layout 

  • Animation 

  • Print Production & Binding 

  • Photography 

Project Includes: 
  • Accordion Fold Booklet 

  • Animated Music Reel 


Visual Music is a system for exploring sound in a visual form. The project was developed as my design thesis at Portland State University and was created with the purpose of being a guide that can be used and adapted by anyone looking to describe music or sound visually. 

My hope with this project, is that this work of describing sound with imagery will continue to evolve, allowing sound to be experienced as vividly to those who cannot hear as it is to those who can. 

Front & Back of Visual Music Booklet 
Music Reel 

Featuring "Stasis" by Eagle eyed tiger 

Graphics and animation by Sarah Bounds

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