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Tabletop Tortoise

Identity Design 

  • Industry Research 

  • Art Direction 

  • Project Management 

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Deliverable 

  • Invoicing 

Project Includes: 
  • Logo

  • Social mediaiIcons

  • Letter head logo

  • Admissions stamp


Tabletop Tortoise is an identity designed for a local Vancouver board game cafe. The identity needed to be quirky, fun, and welcoming. Tortoises being relatively slow and chill are a perfect mascot to represent a relaxed atmosphere for spending hours engaging with others playing board games. Incorporating the D-20 into the tortoises shell, brings the identity full circle making it clear that games are played in this space. The identity is designed to be flexible for various applications, ranging from storefront signs to social media icons. 

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