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About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah Bounds, 

I am an old school book nerd, I love reading, researching,
and learning new things. I find great joy in exploring abstract concepts, melding different ideas together to create compelling results. I have found that using unconventional means of making will often lead to more fun expressive and creative solutions.


Collaboration has always been an important part of my design
process. There is always something to be gained when two or more minds are thinking differently towards the same goal--often finding a new path to explore.

I enjoy many disciplines of design. Including illustration,
identity & branding, environment/event design, typeface design,
and different types of production including printmaking, screen printing, book binding, physical and digital mock-ups and more.
Let me know if I can help you with a project, or if you
are looking for a designer to add to your team! 

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