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Crosscut Cover Mock-up copy.jpg


Revival Typeface Design 

  • Typeface Exploration & Research 

  • Typeface Design

  • Art Direction 

  • Project Management 

  • Page layout 

  • Print Production & Binding 

  • Photography 

Project Includes: 
  • Crosscut Typeface

  • Type Specimen Book

  • Experimental Woodblock Type


This display typeface was designed in my type design class while I was a student at Portland Sate University. The forms are based on a page in an old Delittle wood block specimen book. I wanted to keep the quirky vintage feel of the original wood block type, while also making the forms more consistent for use as digital type. The name of the typeface comes from the consistent diagonal “cut” across many of it’s capital forms. 

WoodBlock copy.png
Experimental woodblock Type
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